About SKGOLD Marketing Company- We specialize in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

About SKGOLD Marketing LTD

SKGOLD Marketing Company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

About SKGOLD Marketing LTD. - Internet Marketing & SEO Company

SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. provides Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)services to customers around the globe from our location in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We launched our business in 2003, and we have been growing ever since. We specialize in and provide the following services for our customers:

  • Total Internet Marketing service – From A to Z - SKGOLD Marketing takes a total internet marketing approach to your marketing program. We do all the work and you focus on running your business.
  • Total Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service.
  • Search Engine Friendly (SEF) Website Design - We build your website with SEO in mind.
  • Internet Marketing Consulting service - private (paid) consultations by phone or e-mail.
  • A la Carte SEO and Internet Marketing services - Select exactly what you need for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing needs, including but not limited to:
    • Competitor Analysis.
    • Keywords Research.
    • Link Building Service.
    • Directory Submissions.
    • Search Engine Friendly content writing.
    • Press Release writing and distributions.
  • To make our Internet Marketing services even more effective, SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. owns and operates SKGOLD Hosting - Canadian Web Hosting company. We can take care of all your Internet Marketing and Web Hosting needs under one roof.

Our company’s founder, Sergey Krongold, was born in Russia and immigrated to Canada in 1999. This is his story:

In 1999, I created my first web site, using a popular web design package. Three months passed, and only a couple of folks visited. It started me wondering how I could get more customers to visit my site.

I hold an M.Sc. in chemistry, so it’s only natural that I would take a scientific approach to the task at hand. Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is a science; to manage a successful business on the Internet requires ongoing research and development.

I did hundreds of hours of research to learn more about the web and about search engine algorithms (the rules that tell search engines how to find what you’re looking for). In the process I began to learn the ins and outs of Internet Marketing and SEO. I read books and attended Internet Marketing and SEO seminars. I completed a Website Design and Internet Marketing course at a local college in Calgary.

I spent many years of trial-and-error work and did dozens of reverse-engineering projects to learn the basics of Website Design, Internet Marketing and SEO. When I got it down, I started a company to help local businesses enhance their web presence. In 2003, I launched SKGOLD Marketing; three years later, the company was incorporated into SKGOLD Marketing Ltd.

I resist the temptation to use the label “SEO guru”; still, I have helped to put hundreds of websites on the first page of search engine results pages (SERP) in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. I prefer to call myself a SEO and Internet marketing specialist, and I’ve worked with sites in some pretty competitive niches, like Web Hosting, Classifieds, Sex Toys and more...

Remember, 90 percent of the traffic that lands on most sites comes from search engines. Professional, skillfully managed Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization from SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. can help them find yours first.

Please get in touch with us at any time - we are always happy to answer all your questions.