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SKGOLD Hosting Announces New Year’s Resolutions for 2011.

January 25, 2011.

In the spirit of the New Year, SKGOLD Hosting divulges plans and projects designed to have a positive impact on clients’ overall web hosting experience. Over the coming year the company is planning to implement many new features, tools and services.... Read Full Press Release...


SKGOLD Hosting Adds to Holiday Cheer with Discounted Prices!!!

December 01, 2010.

SKGOLD Hosting announces plan to offer significant discounts during the holiday season on three web hosting plans. Customers can expect pricing on shared hosting packages to be reduced by 60 percent during the month of December.... Read Full Press Release...


.CO Domain Name Registrations Now Available at SKGOLD Hosting!!!

September 15, 2010.

SKGOLD Hosting is proud to announce that they are making the newly launched .CO domain extension available for registration to customers in Canada. The .CO domain extension was introduced in summer 2010 and continues to grow in popularity.... Read Full Press Release...


Free Private Domain Registration!!!

May 06, 2010.

SKGOLD Hosting is ramping up their program to help put a stop to online identity theft. The web hosting company now provides their Private Domain Registration / ID Protection system to customers at no additional cost with domain registration... Read Full Press Release...


SKGOLD Marketing Offers Over 4,000 Website Templates at No Cost!!!

February 14, 2010.

SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. now offers their customers an extensive library of custom templates, free of charge, making it easier than ever for web designers to create attractive, colorful websites. Customers can browse more than 4,000 professionally-designed templates and choose one that helps to set their website apart from others... Read Full Press Release...


SKGOLD Hosting’s Datacenter Goes Green!

December 03, 2009.

SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. is pleased to announce that the SKGOLD Hosting’s datacenter has put in place a number of systems and strategies that use renewable energy sources to power and manage its equipment. Power consumption is often the greatest operating expense for data centers, and power generation using fossil fuels emits greenhouse gases... Read Full Press Release...


SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. Encourages Non-Profits to Apply for Free Lifetime Web Hosting Account!

October 26, 2009.

SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. invites non-profit and charitable organizations throughout Canada and the US to establish an online presence without charge. The company's initial offer includes one free year of access to a Baby Webhosting account, with the option to apply for a long-term account, for as long as the organization maintains its non-profit status... Read Full Press Release...


SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. Announces Launch of Online Website Builder Program, Which Makes Website Creation Fast and Easy!

May 19, 2009.

Small- and medium-sized businesses and individuals looking to build and host a website need look no further than the newly launched Website Builder from SKGOLD Hosting. The Website Builder eliminates the need for a web designer and allows anyone to build and host a website without HTML, FTP, and other Web Programming knowledge... Read Full Press Release...


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