Green Datacenter in Canada and USA - SKGOLD Hosting’s datacenter is helping to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

SKGOLD Hosting’s Datacenter Goes Green!

SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. is pleased to announce that the SKGOLD Hosting’s datacenter has put in place a number of systems and strategies that use renewable energy sources to power and manage its equipment. Power consumption is often the greatest operating expense for data centers, and power generation using fossil fuels emits greenhouse gases.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. December 03, 2009 - Environmental considerations are helping to drive business decisions at SKGOLD Hosting’s datacenter. In a move intended to conserve energy and protect the environment, the company is pleased to announce that its datacenter has implemented new, “green” practices and procedures.

The datacenter for SKGOLD Hosting is addressing the energy concerns associated with greenhouse gases and global warming from more than one perspective. First, it has committed to using renewable energy sources for both its power and its cooling processes. Since it requires as much energy, if not more, to cool the servers as it does to bring power to them, this represents a significant commitment to renewable resources.

In addition, the SKGOLD Hosting’s datacenter invests in renewable energy credits (RECs) through 3Degrees, a globally recognized carbon offset provider. Those credits are used to put wind-generated electricity into the system; when the datacenter uses electricity, it extracts power equal to its credit for clean and renewable energy.

According to Sergey Krongold, founder of SKGOLD Hosting, taking the datacenter green pays off in two different ways.

“First, SKGOLD Hosting’s datacenter is helping to reduce the negative impact on the environment of generating power with non-renewable resources like coal and oil. In addition, energy efficient practices at datacenter help to keep operating costs in check, and the company is able to pass some of those savings on to our customers."

Datacenters around the globe use a tremendous amount of energy to cool their servers and provide power for their equipment. Estimates suggest that, as a group, their annual consumption is as much as 4 percent of the world’s total. While that may not sound significant, it’s actually more than most countries use in a year.

SKGOLD Hosting is very pleased to be part of a forward-looking environmental movement that is working to reduce reliance on the fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases.

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