Web hosting resolutions for 2011 from SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. - Many new web hosting features and services at SKGOLD Hosting

SKGOLD Hosting Announces New Year’s Resolutions for 2011.

In the spirit of the New Year, SKGOLD Hosting divulges plans and projects designed to have a positive impact on clients’ overall web hosting experience. Over the coming year the company is planning to implement many new features, tools and services.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. January 25, 2011 - SKGOLD Hosting is pleased to announce their New Year’s resolutions for 2011. The Canada-based web hosting company plans to put in place a number of changes that will ultimately put additional features and enhanced web hosting services at their clients’ fingertips.

According to Sergey Krongold, CEO of SKGOLD Hosting, the company is excited to move into the New Year with several resolutions that will benefit the company’s customers.

“We anticipate that our clients will be the winners as we improve our own website design, increase bandwidth and storage, and implement exciting new webhosting tools, features and services.”

SKGOLD Hosting expects to introduce the following resolutions throughout the coming year:

  • SKGOLD Hosting has plans in the near future to increase disk space and bandwidth for the company’s Baby and Basic plans without additional cost to customers. The web will grow and clients’ budget won’t feel any pain.
  • Later in the year, SKGOLD Hosting will implement CloudFlare on the company’s servers. Once in place, CloudFlare tools will help increase clients’ website speeds and provide additional protection from malicious attacks and spammers.
  • SKGOLD Hosting is in the process of putting in place an affiliate program for their web hosting customers. This will give our current clients an opportunity to earn some extra cash when they send new customers to us.
  • SKGOLD Hosting is working to develop partnerships with internet marketing companies to implement automatic SEO tools. After all, when a clients’ website is visible, our customers are happy, and when they’re happy, we’re happy.
  • Throughout the year, we’ll continue to work to add more tools and services – we expect to offer VPS (virtual private servers), Dedicated Servers, low cost SSL certificates and free domain registrations. Stay tuned for more...

SKGOLD Hosting is always working to improve their services, website visibility and customer support. To ring in the New Year, the first step in this direction is already done. SKGOLD Hosting is proud of the updated look of the website, which features simplified navigation and an accessible customer support area. In addition, the company is growing its webhosting knowledgebase and creating a library of video tutorials.

For more information on SKGOLD Hosting visit: http://www.skgoldhosting.com

About SKGOLD Hosting:
SKGOLD Hosting is a Canadian Web Hosting company based in Calgary, Alberta. The company is a division of SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. Since 2003, SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. has provided Internet marketing services such as web design, web hosting and SEO (search engine optimization) for individuals and businesses.

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